Stainless Steel Sheet

Ferro Expoo stainless steel coil and sheet is ideal for a extensive variety of applications and is produced using the most advanced technologies and to the strictest quality requirements. It is available in a range of corrosion and warmth resistant grades to offer a high-power, corrosion resistant supplies that is lightweight, highly feasible-practicable, and 100% recyclable. Ferro Expoo is one of the stainless steel exporter that can provide all kind of widths. Our expertise in surface finishes enables us to present patterned material in the widest available thickness range, from 0.3 up to 20 mm.

We control of product composition, structure, and inclusion pattern to produce very clean steel. Computerized process control of our rolling mills, heat treatment facilities, and finishing lines ensure consistency and superior control of the marked properties to provide you get entirely the product you need.